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View our Antigua and Barbuda real estate listings to buy the best piece of property at the sister island of Caribbean. So, is you are planning to change your life by moving to Caribbean Island then invest in the sister island, but before investing must go through our real estate listing for beneficial venture.

Love to spend your every vacation or life after retirement at sea view farm village then the sister island is the best option, Antigua and Barbuda is an islands with glorious caves, amazing forest covers located at the highland area. A very peaceful and remote place but still not isolated; a unique place with calmness and touch of natural beauty. Antigua and Barbuda are located in the Eastern Caribbean.

In the year of 1981 Antigua and Barbuda became independent. This twin island is divided into six parish Saint George, Saint John, Saint Mary, Saint Paul, Saint Peter and Saint Philip. Generally, the people of this island are the descendants of African slave who were brought during the British colonization time. 96% are African heritage and around 3% are Europeans. And like all the other Caribbean islands this islands economy is also mainly dependent on tourism and government-service industries. Antigua and Barbuda not only has rich history but it also has varied natural history with great flora and fauna. Surrounding of Antigua Barbuda is home of more than 100 species of birds. So, if you are a nature and wildlife lover you will love to explore this sister island.

So, be more acquainted to the unseen beauty of Antigua and Barbuda Islands by exploring desired property listings at our website. Because, before owning property at such a beautiful place of tropical gem, proper details of the lands and properties is essential.

Caribbean MLS Listings have and extensive range of properties having plethora of options out of which you can easily search for luxury locations like villas, boutique hotels on sale, and many other lush locations like exquisite multi-bedroom estates and commercial property.

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