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When Christopher Columbus first find this island he named it Santa Maria de Guadalupe de Estremadura after a Spanish Sanctuary.

Guadeloupe is also very well-known because of its butterfly shape; two islands in the shape of butterfly which are connected through a mangrove swamp offers rich Franco-Caribbean culture experience. Unlike most of the other islands, Guadeloupe is not owned by British; this island belongs to France and it is distinctly influenced by French atmosphere. It has lovely beaches and attractive scenery across the mountains including colorful flora.

Earlier a tribe known as Carib Tribe use to reside there and they name the Guadeloupe as “the Island of Beautiful Waters”. Later on French gain the control over the Guadeloupe and they drive out the Carib tribe out of there.

Guadeloupe economy mainly depends on agriculture, tourism, and light industry, other than these it also depends on France for large subsidies and import material. Nowadays, tourism is the key industry, large ships and cruise use to visit Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe Island is the only island which has everything in it, from rain forest to waterfalls, sandy beaches to charming villages. Owing a property at this island, is just like dream come true. All the people are very friendly and helping there.

Guadeloupe can give you experience of natural seaside tranquility, tradition, culture and the way of life. This island is hugely influenced by art, music, entertainment like dance, painting and sculpture. All over this country is stable naturally and economically. And it is the best place for investment.

The wildlife and nature of the Guadeloupe Island is awe-inspiring and many different species of birds can be found there. The southwest coast of the island has pristine beaches and families of Breton sailors.

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