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San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and the largest city there. Spanish and English are the two main official languages that is spoken in Puerto Rico. And the people of Puerto Rico are very well known for their warm hospitality, and are very friendly and expressive to the new visitors and people. They greet cordially and very genuinely. The Puerto Ricans are best known for their speaking way using hand and facial gestures for communication.


This whole island has an amazing interaction between nature and elegant design colors from exquisite cuisines to golf course. There are many activities waiting for you to satisfy your inner adventure. Experience the total harmony with nature and enjoy the two miles long stretch of sandy beach, swim across the shore, go kayaking in beautiful lakes. Puerto Rico is full of nature loving thing.

Puerto Rico is related with the heroic history, wildly diverse tropical terrains and sunrays washed beautiful beaches. So, if you are planning to spend rest of your life being a lethargic beach bum surfing on the waves on the beaches, then Puerto Rico is the best place for you with cultural vibrancy.

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