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Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Micha Landers

St. Lucia is acknowledged as a less crowded and lovely island. Due to this reason, most of the people prefer visiting this island and enjoy their vacations. It is one of the windward islands of the Lesser Antilles which is located midway down the eastern Caribbean chain. Basically, it is 27 miles long and 14 miles wide.

Benefits of Saint Lucia CIP

St. Lucia is enriched with beautiful villages, fortresses and open air markets. Now, it has become a point of attraction for tourists from different countries. So, by getting the citizenship of this island you can avail fast-track residence, travel privileges, economic and political stability.

The question now arises, how can you get the citizenship of St. Lucia?

Well, let me disclose the procedure here.

The economic citizenship program of Saint Lucia was launched on Wednesday October 7, 2015. According to this, an individual can get the citizenship by investment in St. Lucia.

Becoming A Citizen of St Lucia

If you want to become a citizen of St. Lucia, you have to meet this minimum criteria:

1. The minimum age should be 18 years

2. Must hold property of US $3,000,000.00

3. The minimum qualifying investment in one of the following categories-

  • An approved Real Estate development

  • The purchase of Government bonds

  • An approved Enterprise project

  • The Saint Lucia National Economic Fund

4. Give the witness and information of the proposed qualifying investment

5. Pass a vigor background check with their qualifying dependents over the age of 16

6. Contribute full and real disclosure of all matters related to the application

7. Pay the essential non-refundable processing, due intent and administrative fees upon application.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program Application Process

In order to get the Saint Lucia citizenship, you have to fill an application form and follow the application process. The Citizenship by Investment Board will process this form and the result may either to be conceded, refused or hold for a cause.

  • The time taken from acceptance of the application form to the announcement of the result is near about 3 months. But in many cases, it is possible that the time period might go up to 3 months. But, in that case, the authorized agent will notify the cause of the predictable delay.

  • It is necessary that the application for citizenship by investment must be presented in electronic and printed form by an accredited agent on behalf of a candidate.

  • All applications and documents must be submitted in the English language.

  • All essential documents must be joined to applications before they can be processed by the Unit.

  • All applications must be conducted by the essential non-refundable processing and due application fees for the principal aspirant, his or her spouse, and each other qualifying dependent.

  • An incomplete application is not acceptable will be returned to the authorized agent.

  • When the application for citizenship by investment has been proved, the Unit will inform the authorized agent that the qualifying investment and essential government administration fees must be paid before the Certificate of Citizenship can be given and has been rejected, the applicant may, in writing, ask a review by the Minister.

Cost and fees

According to the Citizenship by Investment Regulations of 2015, the application fees and fees for other formalities are as follows:

Non-refundable processing fees

Principal applicant: US $2000

Each qualifying dependant: US $1000

Non-refundable administration fees

Principal applicant: US $50,000

Each qualifying dependant: US $35,000

(18 years of age and over)

Each qualifying dependant: US $25,000

(Under 18 years of age)


Due diligence fees

Principal applicant: US $7,500

Each qualifying dependent (Over 16 years of age)

Marketing Agents

Saint Lucia has taken a different kind of methodology of authorizing more than one marketing agent. The reason behind this is quite simple. It permits Saint Lucia to influence the qualities of every operator/agent. So, the Citizenship by Investment Board has contracted two universally prestigious Marketing Agents to market the Saint Lucia's Citizenship by Investment Program globally.

Local Agents

A local agent is someone who has been given a Local Agent’s license by the Minister and who is approved to act on behalf of the main candidate w.r.t. His or her application. The Citizenship by Investment Unit has declared its two groups of agents. First, the promoters and the second one are Authorized Agents. The authorized agents are basically responsible for the submission of applications on behalf of people seeking citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Necessary Forms Needed

The necessary forms needed for the Citizenship by Investment are available on CIP Saint Lucia website. You may also obtain these forms from your authorized agent. The Authorized Agent will help you to complete your form as per the instructions issued by the Citizenship by Investment Board.

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