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St. Martin is a tropical kind of island in the northeast part of Caribbean. St. Martin the smallest island in the world which is shared by two different nations- France and Kingdom of Netherlands, has beautiful villas and properties which are present at very exotic locations near the beach with great scenery and landscape. The difference between the two part of the island is more cultural and linguistic.

Saint Martin is the home of more than 95 bird species and the marine life around this island includes crabs, spiny lobsters, conches, sea urchins, sponges, barracuda, moray eels, nurse sharks, a wide variety of tropical fish, porcupine fish, seahorses, banded coral shrimp, and dolphins. At the higher elevation of the St. Martin Islands there are evergreen forest and on the lower plain there are mixture of deciduous and evergreen forest.

The economy of the St Martin Island is mainly dependent on tourism, around 85% of the labor force is engaged in this sector. Mexico is the importer of energy resources and most of the manufactured goods. Saint Martin has the highest per capita income in the whole Caribbean.

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