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Best Caribbean Island to Retire in 2016

Micha Landers

Today retirement is the beginning and not the end, old cabin houses in the cabin are the past. After retirement we notice an endless new world of comfort and entertainment in the Caribbean. With record numbers of visitors every year the island always takes a new face. Retirees come in their numbers because of the natural surreal environment, it is never empty and quiet and never too populated and noisy the only place in the world where nature dominates. A fantastic retirement requires a great plan, portraying the desire to maximize expenditure and live comfortably. The comfort and natural scenery of the Caribbean islands permits the making of this plan. The entire Caribbean islands are the number one spots to settle down after retirement but check out these specifications;

  1. Retire in BAHAMAS

With a hub of ferry and floatplane services Nassau in the Bahamas presents itself as a base for quick nearby get away to other islands and a Caribbean business hub. Take the time to golf, sailing, fishing, diving and enjoying the stunning scenery. The Bahamas has about 700 islands and a good island that permits you leave everything behind is ABACO. From the sand and water brushing your feet as you walk across the shore line taking a walk on the island is therapy in itself. It now has a new airport terminal at marsh Harbour for easy access in and out.


The most environmental friendly island in the region, no wonder it is called ONE HAPPY ISLAND. There is no better place where a connection with nature can be established, an island completely out of the hurricane belt, safety is more than a guarantee.


An island home to hundreds of expatriates and found on the Caribbean coast of Central America, the island is one of the hottest retirement spots. The island possesses spectacular offshore reef transforming diving to a whole new experience. Islands are known for being expensive, but Ambergris Caye is one of the most affordable in the entire Caribbean.

  1. Here is the CAYMAN ISLANDS

With the highest standard of living in the Caribbean and most amazing water contributing for hundreds of jobs in the Cayman, it is one of the largest spots for tourist. Thousands of tourist pile in every year to enjoy the sun, fabulous beaches cocktails and beautiful people. These tourists bring a fresh spark to life in the Cayman’s which will never make it boring. Retirees can enjoy the relaxed lifestyle or take advantage of the hip nightlife scene.

  1. ST. John, USVI

It is currently among the final three options for most people considering a move to the Caribbean. Being a U.S. territory makes for an easier-than-most transition, yet St. John has a pure island lifestyle: lush hills, pocket beaches, sea breezes to compliment the ever-present sun. The airport is in St. Thomas, necessitating a ferry over to St. John and keeping this new home a bit less worn than its bigger sibling island. It is a good island for billionaires retiring young and those retiring old.


 The ideal island for rejuvenation; all fantasies a working and busy life did not permit are achievable in ST Lucia. The island has a tropical weather, welcoming accommodations and filled with unexpected adventures. The view from its waterfalls are breath taking, it is reported to have the most welcoming locals with a fantastic culture in all the Caribbean. St. Lucia has a great communal lifestyle making it easy for non locals to blend it and they can’t wait for you to join.. Come - Retire in St Lucia!
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